Aus-Professional-Bridge (APB) is a not-for-profit organisation established to advance the empowerment, vocational integration and social welfare of professionally-qualified but disadvantaged members of our community (our clients) including Australian-born, migrants and refugee communities.

APB also partners with employers and business owners in the effective and efficient use of talents in this largely untapped wealth of diverse human resource pool.

APB provides a “BRIDGE” for empowering our clients, enabling them to move from unemployment, low esteem, frustration, procrastination and poverty into employment, career fulfillment, and financial stability for themselves and their families. In doing this, they also make positive contributions to national growth.

The Activities of APB (the “BRIDGE”) include:

    • Providing networking opportunities and ongoing employment support services for our clients enabling them to acquire the local networks, professional integration, and strategies for securing and holding jobs.
    • Providing career counselling, coaching and mentoring services to our clients who are disadvantaged by lack of suitable capabilities, culture shocks, dislodgement from their career paths, and other such challenges.
    • Providing training to our clients who are disadvantaged by lack of skills, suitable competencies, and other qualifications.
    • Providing work experience and employment opportunities to our clients who are disadvantaged by lack of suitable work experience.
    • Providing a vehicle for more experienced professionals, philanthropic individuals, groups, and organisations to help our clients in securing and holding suitable careers and businesses.
    • Facilitating professionally-aligned programs to engage and empower youths in these disadvantaged communities (“guiding them young”).
  • Advocating and representing our clients’ bid for a fair go with regards to opportunities in their chosen vocations.

Our key philosophy: Diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage . . . there are no wasted resources.